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All you need to realize about Libra: Read right here

All you need to realize about Libra: Read right here

Our body+soul astrologer reveals the faculties and characters.

23 September – 22 October

SYMBOL: The Scales


COLOR: Light blue and lavender

PARTS OF THE BODY: urinary system and kidneys


Librans are charming, sociable and polished. While the sign for Libra could be the scales, you might be such as a pendulum, perpetually searching for balance that is perfect. A harmonious environment brings about the greatest in you, whereas a chaotic environment can be your worst nightmare. Your home is in accordance with a strict code of truth, equality and fairness, and you’re perhaps not afraid to speak up for what you imagine is right. Your absolute best characteristics are your diplomacy, attractive character, and lovely ways. In terms of weaknesses, you are able to encounter as aloof and indecisive. As you see both sides to a quarrel, you often frustrate others by sitting in the fence. Beauty captivates you, whether it is real attractiveness or perhaps in the form of an attractive little bit of artwork or a concerto that is musical.

Librans look for symmetry; if things are away from positioning, you are driven by it pea nuts!