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Ask John: ‘My spouse wishes me personally to flirt along with other guys’

Ask John: ‘My spouse wishes me personally to flirt along with other guys’

Dear John: you think it is strange for a husband to desire their spouse to dress provocatively, and then just just simply take her off to a bar or club therefore they can view her flirt along with other males?

Because that is exactly exactly what my hubby (Bill) does if you ask me. He loves to see me do things such as party in a way that is sexy other males, or flirt with dudes at a club while he watches from over the space, like hes a stranger. It is just like hes pushing me personally to possess an affair.

I dont understand if its simply a stage hes dealing with, or some deep-seated kink that is always been in him, or a indication that my wedding is within difficulty, or exactly what. All I understand is the fact that entire thing makes me personally actually uncomfortable.

I want Bill to desire me personally not require me personally to imagine that I want other guys to desire me personally. Because I dont. I simply want him.

He claims it is all simply benign enjoyable. However it does not really believe that option to me. just exactly What you think?

John’s response

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Response: I think Bill has to see a psychologist, pronto.

If perhaps you were into this, fine. Partners have kinky together on a regular basis. You dont like playing the libidinous exhibitionist. Therefore Bills pressuring one to do this could be the opposite of fine. Its borderline abusive.

(And I can smell Bills Eu de Porn Addiction from right right here. Their behavior has I watch 1,500 three-minute videos a week all on it.)

You will need to take a seat with Bill and also a talk that is serious him. Tell him that their desire you out for you to publicly pretend to be someone youre not is officially freaking.