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Whom Counts as a Migrant? Definitions and their Effects

Whom Counts as a Migrant? Definitions and their Effects

This briefing considers the various ways one could realize whom matters as a migrant in britain and also the implications of employing various definitions.

  1. Key Points
  • There are plenty of approaches to interpret the term ‘migrant’ with no concept of a’ that is‘migrant law More…
  • Various information sources migrants that are define other ways. Migrants can be thought as foreign-born, international nationals or individuals who have relocated to great britain for per year or even more, among other possibilities More…
  • Various definitions have actually significant effects for exactly how many and which forms of ‘migrants’ are counted as living and entering in great britain. As a result impacts understanding and analysis associated with effects of migration More…
  • Making use of the expression ‘migrant’ when you look at the discourse that is public acutely free and frequently conflates problems of immigration status, battle, ethnicity and asylum. Misuse of this terminology can create reporting that is inaccurate complicate policy debates More…

This briefing discusses the complexities of knowing the key meaning in migration – that of the ‘migrant’.

For simpleness, this briefing makes use of the expression EU to mention to any or all EEA and EFTA nations.

There are numerous methods to interpret the definition of ‘migrant’

Whenever migrants that are counting analysing the effects of migration, who matters as a migrant is of important value. Yet there’s no opinion for a definition that is single of ‘migrant’. Migrants could be defined by international delivery, by international citizenship, or by their motion right into a country that is new remain temporarily (often for less than 30 days) or even to be satisfied with the long-lasting. In a few circumstances, kids who will be UK-born or British nationals, but whoever parents are foreign-born or foreign-nationals, are within the migrant populace.